Sambo is trying to evict me

I moved with my sambo to Sweden 9 years ago. He purchased a condo for us to both live in, moved in together and we've been living ever together since. Our romantic relationship has been off and on over the years, due to his mental health issues, but we have always remained living together as sambos. Today I received an email from an attorney saying that my sambo will apply to have me evicted because he claims we haven't been in a relationship for 2 years. Is he allowed to evict me or do I have any rights? I thought under sambo law that this wasn't possible. I have nowhere else to go. My sambo was the main breadwinner in the relationship and I don't have money to pay for my own attorney.




We understand that you are worried about your housing situation.

If you are not in a relationship, of course your partner can ask you to move out if it is his apartment you live in. We understand that he may have already done so on several occasions and that he is now taking legal action then you have not left the apartment.

Now we don't know your situation at all, but you have to try to find a place to live and a job so that you can support yourself.

You can always contact the social service for advice and support in your situation.

Hope you got answers to your questions.

Kind regards