Protection in malmo

Request: protection internationale urgently!!!!
Hello, i am farah Moukalled from Lebanon age 23 years old I want to apply for protection internationale to malmo Sweden I want help from you because I am persecuted in Lebanon because I am a Muslim girl but I do not wear the hijab, please help us because you can help very easily I am being persecuted because of my lack of commitment to the veil, and because my father works as a doctor anesthésie in a Christian hospital Hotel dieu de france and he adheres to the Christian religion and goes to the church and hears a recitation, I want you to secure us a house for me, my mother and my father, and just want to live in dignity and safety and you are humanety and kind in doubt , and I want to live in dignity and safety which respects people,I'm afraid to leave the house because of the kidnapping, i want to come me and my mom and dad and you help us to We take the right of international protection in every capacity of you.
I am afraid to stay in Lebanon and You can help me very easily
I am a girl I'm 23 years old we will live in any village No problem, I hope you understand and accept me, understand we are living in a bad country, all we want is peace and humanity. Please understand.
■f you want us to come to apply for protection, we are ready but maybe the application will be refused so we can't return back to our country and we can't stay, so what shall we do??thats why we need your to accept our before we leave Lebanon,and if you cannot give us protection internationale you can provide us humanitarian visa urgently.
And if you want to send you proof from the priest in the church that I am threatened by Islam and we want to become Christians, this is sufficient evidence I think because you accept if someone wants to change his religion and is persecuted Best regards and hope you understand me.
There is no food in Lebanon, there is no electricity, electricity comes two hours in the 24 hours, and invasive materials are lost from the market, dust, petrol, and diesel,We live in an area, the motors there is a diesel that comes out, and this makes diseases
there are only a few of them The Lebanese pound is in decline Thefts, looting, problems, demonstrations The world is committing suicide from this living situation, Every day there is murder, and theft. I don’t get out of the house Our situation is more difficult than many Syrians
please listen to the news and this is our right to live in a safe country, and Please feel with us. We are in complete collapse. We cannot do anything and we will live in any village.
■Please help urgently.



In Sweden, the Swedish Migration Board handles cases relating to residence permits and applications for asylum. According to the Swedish Migration Boards webpage, it is not possible to apply for asylum before coming to Sweden. From abroad, you can apply for a residence permit if you intend to work or study in the country.

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I Sverige hanterar Migrationsverket ärenden som rör uppehållstillstånd och asylansökningar. Enligt Migrationsverkets hemsida är det inte möjligt att ansöka om asyl innan du kommer till Sverige. Från utlandet kan du ansöka om uppehållstillstånd om du tänker arbeta eller studera i landet.

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Informationen finns även på engelska och andra språk.