where to stay in malmö

I am a social worker in Berlin and work with homeless EU citizens.
At the moment I am supporting a homeless Swedish woman who wants to go to Malmö to renew her ID-card, which was stolen from her. We can support her to get a ticket to Malmö. However, she has no friends or acquaintances where she could live while she is waiting for her ID-card. Is there a homeless shelter in Malmö where she could stay and also get food?

2023-10-02 13:04


Thank You for Your question.

We have a shelter for women here in Malmö. In this shelter You can stay if You have a drug abuse or a mental illness. The shelter has a very limited amount of rooms and they are mainly for citizens of Malmö. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee this woman a room when she arrives to Malmö. We recommend the woman to go to the Swedish embassy regarding identification documents.

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