Eu national in domestic abuse situation.

I am currently in a domestic abuse situation where my partner has been constantly verbally abusing/physically abusing me as well as threatening to leave me homeless if I don't do what he says. He has since left me at home with no money and no food whilst he goes to visit his family in another city and has not gave any time window as to when he will return. I have a cat and would really not want to be separated from my cat as it would cause further distress. I would prefer to stay in Sweden as I have classes and friends here.

What are the options for me as an EU citizen in Sweden?




We understand that you are in a situation where you are exposed to mental and physical abuse. This is very serious and something you can get help with if you turn to the social services in the area where you are registered. There are places where you can bring pets, which is something you need to discuss with your social secretary.

When it comes to your opportunities to stay in Sweden, it is a migration issue. The social services cannot decide on your right to remain in Sweden. In general, EU citizens who do not have a permanent residence permit in Sweden may stay in the country on the condition that they can support themselves through, for example, work or studies. We suggest that you contact the Swedish Migration Board to get an answer about exactly what applies to you in the residence permit question.

We hope you have received an answer to your question!